tomatillos and jalapenos meet the grill

I had heard the wonders of this “Bobby Flay” pronounced time and again, but not until I saw a Food Network show where he baked blondie brownies did he catch my eye (or should I say sweet tooth). “So moist, so delicious,” proclaimed his TV tasters that I had to bring the exact Flay recipe to my oven. And this time, the television did not lie. They were darn good. (click here for the recipe)

So when last night Chris and I decided to break out Flay’s Boy Gets Grill cookbook, it was sweet success all over again. We went with the “Fish Taco Party” scenario detailed on page 88 and cooked up some halibut with a citrus-cilantro marinade, along with an avocado-tomatillo sauce and a smooth tomato-serrano chile salsa on the side. As you can see here, the avocado sauce started with tomatillos and jalapenos on the Weber. simply delicious.