moonshine ink, holiday edition

The holidays are here! It’s always such a fun and stressful time for me since I’ve always got a few handmade projects up my sleeve. I’m excited about this year’s endeavors but can’t speak a word of them yet.

I love taking a peek at what’s on people’s holiday wish lists so when Moonshine Ink asked all its columnists to contribute a gift idea for the holiday edition (on stands this Friday) I was sure to chime in with an art-themed idea. See mine above, but be sure to pick up the issue for more gift ideas that you can buy local in North Tahoe/Truckee.

I was in the Moonshine office Monday and Tuesday this week proofreading the paper and can tell you that this issue is brimming with good stuff. A few must-reads in my opinion are: ‘Priced Out’ by David Bunker, a feature on the cost of living in Truckee, which was just ranked 9th in a national cost of living report; the Wandering Native column guest-wrote by Terray Sylvester who muses on the Tibetan language, which he is currently studying in Nepal; Julie Brown and Dr. Stephenie Riley’s report on eating healthy; ‘Crash,’ a poem submitted to Creative Brew by the talented Lucy Florence, who I had the pleasure of taking a creative writing workshop with; and the profile on new Tahoe band Sneaky Creatures, who I have yet to hear but, from the sounds of their style, know I’m going to love.

And here are a few other gift finds I saved throughout the year on Evernote, my favorite organizational tool—a great app (desktop and smart phone) to gift, btw!

mini chevron arrow earrings by Melanie Favreau | circle scarves by Blue Birds Fly | postcards to add to my postcard collection, and of course I’m always drawn to anything with animals on it so these are perfection  |  basic cashmere hat | colorful potholders by Rustic Patriot Girl


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